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About Us

Hello and welcome!

We are Lucy and Rachel and we are both passionate about women being supported and educated to have a calm and comfortable birth.We have been fortunate enough to complete hypnobirthing courses whilst pregnant and despite two very different births we both found the techniques to be invaluable and gave us both incredibly positive experiences.

Much of what women learn about pregnancy and birth is an inaccurate depiction through television and media. What we watch is often dramatic and a far cry from the birth women can chose to have. Through our course we want to educate and empower and give you the knowledge and confidence to

As well as being qualified KGHypnobirthing instructors we are both qualified psychological wellbeing practitioners and have previously worked in primary care mental health services. Currently we work as Mental Health Advisors in higher education.

Please take some time to look around and if you have any questions please just get in touch.


I have three children 10, 7 and 3. I only used hypnobirthing for my final birth; and my husband (whom I had to drag to the classes and was a complete cynic ) said it is the one thing he wishes we had done from the first pregnancy. My first two births would be described as very straightforward; however they were not positive experiences. I felt ill equipt and was scared about both of them. Some of my friends had used hypnobirthing and had only positive things to say; so I thought – why not.  I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and its influence on our experiences. I think mindfulness is amazing – and will talk to anyone who will listen about the benefits. When I have time I love reading (a very eclectic mix of books) and walking with the family and new puppy (Dobby).


I’m fairly new to motherhood, my daughter turned two earlier this year. The birth wasn’t as I had planned or wanted but I believe that it was down to my hypnobirthing practice that helped me remain calm and confident throughout my labour. As Rach and I work in mental health, we are both huge advocates of relaxation, guided self imagery and Mindfulness. I tried to ensure that relaxation was a part of my everyday throughout my whole pregnancy – mainly lots of pregnancy massages and regular trips to the nail salon and would encourage you to do the same 😊 In my spare time, I love reading, binge watching selling sunset on Netflix (if you know, you know) and trying to spend most of my time outdoors with trips to the local park and then the pub.